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Introducing the Functional Collection. 

For the first time ever we are offering all three of our max potency mushroom tinctures in one convenient package, with a discount to boot.  Covering a wide spectrum of support for the mind and body, these tinctures highlight the natural wonders of some of the best functional mushrooms in the world, all grown farm-to-table fresh and extracted using the our unique soundwave technolgy.


Tinctures of concentrated mushroom power.

Harvested at peak freshness exclusively from our own locally and sustainably cultivated mushrooms, these dual extracted tinctures provide remarkable medicinal properties in a convenient and potent format for daily consumption.  Our sound wave extraction technology allows us to make a pure and powerful concentrate that leaves the medicinal constituents of the mushroom intact, as natured intended, while maximizing the bio-availability of key desired bio-actives like beta-glucans, erinacines and hericonones.  


Unlike others, we grow (and we know) what we sell.

This is one of the few tinctures on the market that is 100% grown, harvested and formulated entirely in the United States under one roof (absolutely no questionable imported extracts or mismash of random far-flung ingredients here!), then lovingly crafted in small batches by our family-run farm in Los Angeles, California.  You can have confidence in knowing exactly where your tincture extracts came from and the (three simple) ingredients that went into it; we sustainably hand grow your lion's mane from start to finish and only our farm's freshest, highest-quality harvests make it into this tincture...and we believe you'll notice the difference.   Enjoy and thank you!

The Functional Collection

  • Many other tinctures on the market cut corners by using imported extracts or from mushrooms they didn’t grow, which have opaque origins and can contain heavy metals and other unknown contaminants. For such an important and often life-changing product, people should care where their extracts are sourced! 

    With ours, you can have confidence you are getting a dual extracted tincture that not only contains 100% fresh, locally and sustainably grown fruiting bodies, but has been completely formulated using only the mushrooms we grow ourselves here in Los Angeles, California.  We can't wait for you to give these a try!

    Join us and insist on local, own-grown shrooms in your tinctures.

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