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Turkey Tail is a mushroom powerhouse. 

Turkey Tail is renowned as one of the world’s most widely researched functional mushrooms, targeting deep immunity support, a balanced gut and various hallmarks of bodily resilience and longevity.


A tincture of concentrated mushroom extracts.

Harvested exclusively from our own locally and sustainably cultivated reishi, this dual extracted tincture provides these remarkable medicinal properties in a convenient and potent format for daily consumption.  Our extraction process allows us to drastically increase the bio-availability of key desired bio-actives like beta-glucans, erinacines and hericonones in our tinctures as compared to digesting the mushroom alone (although they are absolutely delicious and nutritous nonetheless!).  


Unlike others, we grow (and we know) what we sell.

This is one of the few tinctures on the market that is 100% grown, harvested and formulated entirely in the United States under one roof (absolutely no questionable imported extracts or mismash of random far-flung ingredients here!), then lovingly crafted in small batches by our family-run farm in Los Angeles, California.  You can have confidence in knowing exactly where your tincture extracts came from and the (three simple) ingredients that went into it; we sustainably hand grow your reishi from start to finish and only our farm's freshest, highest-quality harvests make it into this tincture...and we believe you'll notice the difference.   Enjoy and thank you!

Turkey Tail Tincture

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